• Beechjet Premier Type Rating

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Beechjet Premier Flight Training & Type Rating Courses Offered:

Azma Flt Inc Offers the Following Type Rating Courses for Beechcraft Premier I and IA also Known as RA-390

  • Initial Pilot in Command Type Rating Course for Beechcraft Premier RA-390
  • Initial Second in Command Type Rating Course for Beechcraft Premier RA-390
  • Single Pilot Endorsement Add On to your Beechcraft Premier RA-390
  • Recurrent Training FAR 61.58 Beechcraft Premier RA-390 I, IA

For details regarding customized courses to meet your needs, please contact us.

Beechcraft premier I, IA RA-390 Type Rating Course

Azma FLT Inc. Will Provide you with an accelerated Pilot in Command type rating flight-training course specifically designed for you, based on your previous education and flight experience in a Beechcraft Premier RA-390.

Your Beechcraft premier I, IA RA-390 Type Rating will be added to your Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot and or Airline Transport Pilot Certificate.

Whether you are seeking Single Pilot Beechcraft Premier Type Rating RA-390(S) or Beechcraft premier Crew Type Rating RA-390, your practical test will be administered by current and qualified FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, John S. Azma founder of Azma FLT Inc or FAA qualified pilot examiner of your choice according to our current Airline Transport Pilot Practical Test Standard (PTS).

Duration and Location of your Flight Training

Depending on your previous flight experience, education Azma Flt Inc will be able to provide you with an accelerated course designed based on your skills in between 3 to 5 days in duration, which will require your full time participation. Our dedicated instructors are able to travel to your location and provide you with your flight training in Beechcraft Premier at your location and or in our office located at Orlando International Airport.