FAA Pilot Proficiency Examiner

Pilots often enroll in large training facilities to meet 14CFR part 61.58. These programs use training syllabuses that are generic without regard to a pilot’s individual experience, skill, education and demanding flight schedules. John Azma believes that no two students are alike and that a generic method of training cannot be effective for all pilots. Training with John offers an entirely personalized experience with focus on the pilot’s ambition, flight background, interests and personal comfort.

John can help you stay sharp, competent and confident as a pilot in command of the following aircrafts:

  • CE-510 Citation Mustang
  • CE-500 Citation I, ISP, II, IISP, Bravo, SII, Ultra and Encore
  • CE-525 Citation Jet CJ, CJI, CJI+, CJII, CJII+, CJIII and CJIV
  • CE-560XL Citation Excel XL, XLS and XLS+
  • CE-650 Citation III, VI and VII
  • CE-680 Citation Sovereign and Latitude
  • LR-JET Lear Jet 23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 31, 35, 36 and 55
  • DA-50 Falcon 50, 50EX, 900, and 900EX
  • RA-390 Beechcraft Premier I and IA

For additional information, please contact John Azma.

Beechjet Premier Type RatingDassault Falcon DA-50 Type Rating