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Staying Current with Azma FLT Inc.


Azma FLT Inc. of Orlando, Florida, is a flight-training center that specializes in custom jet type rating and recurrent training programs. Azma FLT Inc. currently offers initial type rating and recurrent training per 61.58 in over 30 different jet aircraft models.

Azma FLT Inc. is always looking for ways to improve the quality of training provided to their clients. This year, we’ve made many key updates to better the services provided such as ongoing training for our instructors, office expansions as well as the introduction of the Pro Pilot Program.

We not only invest in our clients, but also our growing number of on-staff certified flight instructors. Our full-time flight instructors hold current type ratings in the aircraft that they are providing training for. They are also extremely competent within the jet from ground training and pre-flight inspection, all the way through flight and wheels down. This allows them to provide a real-world course of study to their student pilot based on flight experience, as opposed to simulator training.

John Azma, founder of Azma FLT Inc., is one of the most decorated pilot examiners in the United States. He has over 20 years of flight experience and currently holds over 10 unique jet aircraft type ratings. With his wealth of knowledge, he is best able to prepare a unique course of study for his students, based on their individual needs. This in turn leads to a productive learning experience that combines ground school with actual flight time to provide for a well-prepared check ride when the time has come.

In 2017, Azma FLT Inc. has expanded their offices to include an additional 1,800 square feet. The acquired space allows for more concurrent courses of study to take place in our home base of ORL. Construction has started on our future home which will offer even more space and amenities for our clients in 2018.

Finally, we are proud to announce the Pro Pilot Program. We have changed our policy recently to improve the level of the proficiency of our clients. Azma FLT Inc. now offers supplemental training within 12 months from the completion of training at the Orlando location. Our pilots are welcome to return for additional training to maintain proficiency in their aircraft throughout the year. In turn, our clients will become well-prepared & more comfortable pilots.

To learn more about our services and our recent updates, please email or call us directly at 386.846.6151.


Azma FLT Inc. clients featured in NBAA July/August

Don Banker, CEO of Banker Steel, discusses being a business owner, pilot as well as how they’ve incorporated a Dassault Falcon 900B in to his operation.

Be sure to make note of the “FIGHTING COMPLACENCY AFTER 15 YEARS” segment. It’s an honest discussion regarding the importance of following the checklist and debriefing after every flight.

The original publication is available in the NBAA Business Aviation Insider July/August 2016 edition available at

Azma FLT Inc. has Partnered with Shoreline Aviation Insurance

Shoreline Aviation Insurance has a strong foundation rooted in aviation. Their executive staff of pilots has been involved in the aviation years for over 100 years of combined experience. Their professional team members are experienced in virtually every facet of the aviation world, from part 121 operations to private ownership and military aviation to jet aircraft maintenance.

This extensive knowledge base is the number one benefit of selecting Shoreline Aviation Insurance as your insurance provider of choice. They offer a unique edge that can only come from an experienced and dedicated staff of aviators. This informative background is what we call the “Shoreline Advantage.”

Shoreline Aviation InsuranceThrough a recent partnering of Shoreline Aviation Insurance and Azma FLT Inc., we would like to share with you their wealth of experience in the aviation insurance business.

Please visit us online at or call (800)-747-0825 and mention that you are working with Azma FLT Inc. for a client-specific presentation to insurance companies, best suited for your needs.

Cessna’s latest entry-level light jet, on target for it’s year-end certification

Citation M2, Cessna’s latest entry-level light jet is on target for its year-end certification…

The first production unit of Cessna’s newest business jet, the Citation M2, took its maiden flight August 23 out of Cessna Citation’s Independence, Kansas-facility. The M2 was first announced in September of 2011 with a design driven by customer, pilot and owner feedback.

Cessna Citation M2Based on the CJ platform, the new Citation M2 delivers exceptional power and beauty in an efficient, entry-level jet. It’s the upgrade every jet-aspiring aviator has been dreaming of. Perfect for corporate, or private use, very well designed for owner operators, the M2 features a redesigned luxury interior with excellent in-cabin technologies, updated touch-controlled avionics with large-format displays, and two powerful Williams FJ44 engines, producing about 2000 lbs of thrust each, facilitating cruising speed of up to 400 knots. The Citation M2 is single pilot certified and will be able to climb to it’s certified altitude of FL 410 in 24 minutes. It has the capacity of seating up to 7 people with a useful load of 3809 lbs. The M2’s range is 1300nm and will be able to fly non-stop from, for example; Houston, TX to New York, NY, Calgary to Chicago or San Diego, CA to Mexico City, Mexico. Computed take off distance of 3,250ft it will allow pilots and owners to get in and out of smaller fields.

The Citation M2 is equipped with a fully digital, dual-channel autopilot system (AP), integrating data from the avionics system. The system is powered by the Garmin GFC 700 scalable architecture and uses pre stored airspeed-limit data along with autopilot gains that are scheduled to optimize performance to offer stability and control. The AP maximizes aircraft performance with precise lateral and vertical navigation guidance for all phases of flight. It can maintain attitude, altitude, airspeed, vertical speed, and heading, in addition to flying VNAV descent profiles, automated Takeoff/Go-Around procedures, and more.

The M2’s AP system is made for an entry-level jet, simple and straightforward to operate yet sophisticated and state-of-the-art, which makes flying the M2 easier, safer, more consistent, and more enjoyable.

The M2’s G3000 touch-screen avionics system can record specific maintenance diagnostic information. This key data can be reviewed on the MFD while the aircraft is on the ground and downloaded for review even when you’re away from the aircraft. This capability integrates directly with the Cessna Service and Support network via the Cessna Aircraft Recording System (AReS).

With this system, the M2 incorporates full-time data storage. The AReS records useful data during the previous 100 flight hours in nonvolatile memory. Recorded data can later be used for advanced troubleshooting and analysis by systems specialists from the Cessna Service and Support network.

The Citation M2 is based on the CJ1+ with model designation Cessna 525 and will therefore require Mustang Pilot’s to get a new type rating, with it’s price tag of $4.395 million he M2 is predicted to be the leader in the next generation of aircraft, and a great step ahead for any light jet operator who needs a new, more advanced business aircraft.


Azma FLT Inc. Partners With Alexander Aviation Associates, Inc.

Alexander Aviation Associates Logo

Azma FLT Inc. and Alexander Aviation Associates, Inc. have formed a recent partnership to offer a broad range of services to today’s modern pilot.

Azma FLT Inc. of Orlando, Florida, is a flight-training center that specializes in custom jet type rating and recurrent training programs. Pilots and owner-pilots often have a demanding schedule, and their training program must be as flexible as it is comprehensive.

John Azma, owner of Azma FLT Inc., prides himself on offering custom flight training programs that cater towards the individual needs and goals of his clients. Qualified flight instructors with Azma FLT Inc. are located throughout the United States, and are able to travel to the client’s location for training purposes. Azma FLT promotes a hands-on approach, reinforcing practical decision-making and emergency preparedness. John Azma is an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner offering FAA Type Rating Check Rides as well as recurrent training in over 30 different jet aircraft, to include CE-500, CE-510, CE-525, CE-560 XLS, CE-650, DA-50, RA-390 and LR-JET.

Alexander Aviation Associates, Inc., based in Apopka, FL, has been offering insurance solutions to pilots and aviation businesses in a competitive industry for over 35 years. They take a fresh look at aviation insurance to ensure that their pilots are receiving the most effective, flexible and easy to understand insurance program available. Joint owners Jeff Graber and Josh Dietrick are both active pilots, which allows them the to travel to their clients, as well as understand the needs of a busy flight department. One of the key benefits of working with Alexander Aviation Associates is the way they streamline the process of offering and selecting an insurance solution best suited for a pilot’s unique needs. Their “paperless” workflow cuts down on processing time and ensures that underwriters have all the information they need to offer their very best terms. The joining forces of Azma FLT Inc. and Alexander Aviation Associates offers yet another way of allowing pilots to do what they do best… spend their time flying. Flight training programs provided by Azma FLT Inc. are already pre-approved with Alexander Aviation. Alexander Aviation works hand-in-hand with Azma FLT Inc. making the insurance process straightforward and fast – all benefits that are easily recognized by a busy aviation professional.

Clients of Azma FLT Inc. will also receive a preferred rate and special discount programs when they choose one of the many insurance programs through Alexander Aviation Associates.

To get started with a free consultation regarding specialized flight training on your time, at your location, visit Azma FLT Inc. online at or call 386-846-6151. To speak directly to an agent who knows the aviation business, call 800-432-8519 or visit


AOPA PILOT Magazine Feature

John Azma of Azma FLT Inc. Featured in AOPA PILOT Magazine

AOPA PILOT has featured Azma FLT Inc. in their August, 2013 publication. Author Thomas Horne, chief editor for AOPA magazine, provides insight and a great review of his experience first-hand with acquiring his Citation Mustang FAA type rating.

One of the great advantages of selecting Azma FLT Inc. is the customized flight training programs that cater towards your individual needs and goals. Tom received his ground and flight training from Jack Boyd, one of the professional flight instructors from Azma FLT Inc., in preparation for his upcoming FAA practical test in a Citation Mustang. As an alternative to simulator training, Tom Horne received his entire flight instruction from Jack Boyd in the Citation Mustang he would be using later during his upcoming FAA practical test. This is a great way to reinforce the knowledge learned on ground in practice.

Horne states “…there are advantages to flying the real thing. For example, you’re actually laying hands on the real airplane, and feeling the true sensations of flight.”

The encouraging and calming nature of FAA Pilot Examiner John Azma helped assure Tom’s success in ultimately receiving his Mustang type rating!

On behalf of AOPA PILOT and Azma FLT Inc., please enjoy reading the full article within the provided PDF.

FAR 61.58 Revised

The FAA recently announced changes concerning type ratings and required proficiency checks as per FAR 61.58.

Effective October 31, 2012, pilots with current single pilot endorsements on their type rating will now be required to comply with proficiency checks as per the newly revised FAR 61.58.

In order to be in compliance with the recency of the flight experience as prescribed by FAR 61.58, pilots with the single pilot endorsement type rating in the Citation Mustang CE-510(S), Citation Jet CE-525(S), CE-501, CE-551 and Beechcraft Premier RA-390(S) are now required to comply with proficiency checks on an annual basis.

Pilots often enroll in large training facilities to meet 14CFR part 61.58. These programs use training syllabuses that are generic without regard to a pilot’s individual experience, skill, education and demanding flight schedules.

John Azma believes that no two students are alike and that a generic method of training cannot be effective for all pilots. Training with John offers an entirely personalized experience with focus on the pilot’s ambition, flight background, interests and personal comfort. Please make sure that you are in compliance with this recently revised regulation by scheduling your pilot proficiency check in the make and model of your aircraft with John Azma today.

Contact Us for more information about the recent updates to FAR 61.58 and to schedule your recurrent proficiency check ride.