Checklist for the Practical Test

Please ensure that you bring all of the following materials, documents, and equipment to your scheduled Practical Test. Refer to the practical test standards for a checklist specific to the practical test you will be taking.

Aircraft Documents:

Airworthiness Certificate
Registration Certicate
Operating Limitations

Aircraft Maintenance Records:

Aircraft logbooks
Pilot’s Operating Handbook


Current VFR Aeronautical Charts
Airport/Facility Directory
Current IFR low-level enroute and instrument approach plates
(for instrument checkride)
View-limiting device
Flight computer (E6-B)
Navigation Log
Current Aeronautical Information Manual
Current FARs
Current Practical Test Standards for certificate or rating sought

Personal documents and records

Photo ID w/ signature
Pilot or Student Pilot Certificate
Current medical Certificate
Completed and endorsed FAA Form 8710-1
AC Form 8080-2, Airman Written Test or Computer Test Report
Pilot Logbook with Instructor Endorsements
Approved School Graduation Certificate, if applicable
FAA Form 8065-5, Notice of Disapproval, if applicable
Examiner’s Fee

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