About John Azma

Hi, My Name is John S. Azma
Founder Of Azma FLT Inc., FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, Pilot Proficiency Examiner as well as a flight instructor with decades of experience in aircraft, from single-engine piston airplanes all the way to multi-engine turbine powered jets. I would like to briefly describe services that we are able provide for our clients based on their needs and frequently busy work and social schedule;

  1. As an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, I am authorized and qualified to administer Type Rating Practical which will be added to your private, commercial and airline transport pilot certificate , please se the list of aircrafts below.
  2. As your FAA Pilot Proficiency Examiner, I am authorized and qualified to provide FAA proficiency exam, commonly referred to recurrent flight training and or recurrent pilot training for our clients in order to ensure their compliance with 14CFR FAR 61.58.please see list of aircrafts below.
  3. As your Flight Instructor my self together with our dedicated team of flight instructors, will provide our clients with fight training which will ultimately result In Type Ratings in the aircraft of their choice, please see list of aircrafts:
    • Cessna Citations CE-500, Cessna Citation I, Cessna Citation ISP, Cessna Citation II, Cessna Citation IISP, Cessna Citation BRAVO Cessna Citation SII Cessna Citation ULTRA, Cessna Citation ENCORE Cessna Citation ENCORE PLUS Cessna Citation Mustang, Cessna Citation Jet, CJ, Cessna Citation Jet CJI, Cessna Citation Jet CJI+, Cessna Citation Jet CJ2, Cessna Citation Jet CJ2+, Cessna Citation Jet CJ3 Cessna Citation Jet CJ4, XL, XLS, XLS+, Cessna Citation Sovereign, Latitude, Cessna Citation III Cessna Citation VI Cessna Citation VII Lear Jets LR-Jets 23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 31, 35, 36 and 55 Beechcraft Premier I, Beechcraft Premier IA, Beechcraft Premier II, Falcon 50 DA-50 Falcon 50EX DA-50 Falcon 900 DA-50 and Falcon 900EX DA-50

Whether you’re seeking a type rating in a Citation Mustang or recurrent training in a Falcon 900, we can assist you in customizing a right type rating flight-training program for you.

As your FAA Designated Pilot Examiner I strongly believe that applicants performs and react differently during FAA Practical Test, therefore it is essential for me to design a plan of action based on your education, experience, background and your personality. With your success in mind.

Our dedicated teams of professional instructors are prepared to provide our clients with type rating flight training through our comprehensive but yet flexible syllabus, which is designed to meet your individual needs.

AZMA FLT Inc. has become the select alternative for aviators in place of large training facilities that offer generic syllabuses. For some, these programs are necessary but take time away from busy flight, business and personal schedules. And we know that your time is a valuable resource, which is why we encourage pilots to pick locations and times that are convenient for them.

Consider the possibilities when you participate in flight training programs that incorporates your experience and your skillset in an atmosphere designed to help you maintain the highest level of proficiency and safety in an air.

Aviation is field that brings a lifetime of learning for even the most advanced pilot. As you excel with larger, more complicated aircraft, insurance companies often require you to pursue additional flight experience. As your mentor pilot, I will help you to grow more confident and competent. My passion for teaching will help you master all aspects of flight while you satisfy any new requirements for yourself or others.

I am looking forward to discuss your Aviation needs. AZMA Flt Inc. is accustomed to working with both internationally based pilots and US. When you visit our website you can review more detailed information regarding services as well as the specific aircraft that we work with. We’re constantly updating this site; so if you don’t see the information that you need, please give us a call.

John Azma FAA Designation

Citation CE-680